Financial Freedom Means You Are Truly Free

Are you tired of being weighed down and stressed out by your financial situation? Then you are in the right place. As a member of the Prosperity Academy+ you will have access to all the financial tools and resources you need to get back on track, including a step-by-step process you can follow to guide you as you create your own Prosperity Plan. Everything you see is included with your membership. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time you started changing your life and enjoying that financial freedom you have been waiting for?
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Prosperity Academy Modules

  • 10 Day Prosperity Challenge

    Take control of your Finances by committing just 10 days to get your personal Finance Organized.

  • Financial Literary Course

    This 11 course program will take you on a financial journey that will leads to financial success

  • Tax savings Tips

    Learn the tax savings tips that will help you and your business get the most out of your taxes.

  • Rethink Your Business Course

    Are you ready to rethink your business? Get started with this 12 course program.

  • Rethink Your Business Workbook

    12 key steps to Business Success workbook.

  • Rethink Your way To Prosperity Podcast

    Learn new ideas and strategies that can help you be more financially responsible in business.

  • 30 Day prosperity Challenge

    Take control of your finances by committing to 30 days to get your business finances organized.

  • Calculator

    This 11 course programs will take you on a financial journey that will lead you to financial success.

  • Etrends Group App

    Learn the new tips that will help you and your business get the most out of your taxes.


How can the Prosperity Academy Plus help me? Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to become financially free and to stay on the prosperity path

  • Is the Prosperity Academy right for me?

    The Academy was built for anyone looking to become financially free. If that is you, then your are in the right place.

  • How much does the Prosperity Academy cost?

    We built the Academy with you in mind. That means we focused on making this affordable and achievable. Check out how you can take $200 off your total from joining our webinar at the top of the page.

  • How do I make the most out of the Academy?

    You need to commit today to make the change needed in your life. The Academy was built for you to succeed and not for you to try.

  • What comes in the Prosperity Academy+?

    The Academy is loaded with everything you need to help get yourself out of debt and focus on becoming financially free. You can see all the courses we offer with a bonus course.

  • Do you offer one on one coaching?

    We know that some of you may need extra help throughout the program. Depending on your need we have several opportunities for you to connect with us on facebook live, email and one on one consulting meetings.

  • Do I really have time for the Academy?

    Are you looking to change your financial future or stay in the same spot you can never stay out of? The Academy was built for you to take at your own pace. Each course has a progress bar to help you see where you are and what is left. We encourage you to get serious about your finances and make the time to succeed.

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